About Rosalie O'Connor

Rosalie O'Connor was a professional dancer with American Ballet Theatre for fifteen years until her retirement in 2002. In addition to most dance periodicals her photographs have also appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Travel & Leisure and The New York Times. She resides in New York City although she travels extensively for assignments as a freelance photographer.

Rosalie grew up with cats, fish, gerbils and a Guinea pig. In 2012 Rosalie founded NYC Menagerie to dedicate a separate business to her decades-long love of photographing animals. Now with NYC Menagerie she is photographing tons of wonderful dogs and enjoying the incredible range of canines she's meeting. It's also a wonderful balance to photograph outdoors since Rosalie is usually inside with her dance photography. Rosalie combines her special ability as a dance photographer to catch dogs flying through the air in the park or on a beach. Outside in nature, unrestricted and free! Not only dogs but the entire menagerie that makes up NYC!

We're delighted that in December of 2013 NYC Menagerie was profiled in the Huffington Post.